Litera " i " - studium inwersji

Letter "i" - A study of inversion


 Fotografia: Tomasz Miksa



światło w poszukiwaniu formy

Autorski cykl miniatur dynamicznej poezji wizualnej 

Technika własna: teatr światła odbitego


 Spektakl nieustannie na nowo komponowany zmieniał się, zmieniały się miniatury, formy graficzne, scenografia, i tytuł spektaklu. Najpierw był Teatr Ti Ti Taa w cieniach chińskich realizowany z młodzieżą szkolną, potem Teatr kropki i kreski w cieniach chińskich i w światłach odbitych realizowany ze studentami wydz. lalkarskiego, następnie tylko w światłach odbitych , solo Zajączki", potem "MAŁE i ", "i" a teraz Litera "i". Jest to rodzaj pamiętnika, w którym zebrane są moje eksperymenty z kształtowaniem światła odbitego w ruchu.



The „i” Theatre is a unique dramatic „memoir”, in which Tadeusz Wierzbicki has been collecting since late seventies, various forms of light and shadow experimental reflections. The stream of light is processed and formed again using specifically designed set of mirrors. In result we receive a naïve resemblance to child-age game of catching sunbeams in a mirror . The spectacle consists of a series of episodes. Their choice and  interpretation depends on one hand on a particular evolution of process of artistic inspiration, specific location and reaction of audience. The episodes are usually quite short  as it results from the transitory, ephemeral  nature of light; longer ones up to two minutes while shorter several seconds only…


The letter “i” – a synthetic symbol of a human being. It’s separation into a dot and a line has created opportunities for new and new rhymes and verses of a “material “ poetry; which makes the use of new and new phases of motion of a dot and a line. The little “i” from a page of paper moves onto a screen which features the drama of light and shadow , then jumps onto bigger in size tv screen and finally appears on natural screen-like surfaces: wall, stone, tree and human body; however not through series of shadows but rather by reflected glimpses of light . Over the years of experiments “i” has been finally caught onto small size transparent screen being projected by various nature optical instruments and apparatus. A beam of light is being reflected from a mirror-like matrix and creates an image projected on a transparent screen, making possible to see the way it appears.



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